" ARINSO (USA) has found that working with KovachCommunications.com, LLC to be positive experience.  You and your team have been supportive in our efforts to expand our company name and presence and an example to reflect this is the recently attended SAP HR Conference in Las Vegas.  We received a number of comments about the redesign of our new booth.

As well, the consultations that led up to this conference you held with Jana Lauer and I was as well certainly beneficial.  We continue to look forward to future engagements together." 

-- March 29, 2007 Ronald M. Levine – Senior Director Business Development - Arinso

"The number one thing I like best about working with KovachCommunications.com, LLC is the obvious branding and messaging awareness we have received. . . it was also a huge time and stress saver to know that when exhibit doors opened on the first day all we had to do was show up -- it allowed us to spend valuable time with clients and prospects versus dismantling an exhibit. 

The one thing that was proven by our last show is that we need KovachCommunications.com, LLC to provide booth training for our employees. While they all showed up and were helpful, it would have been a much smoother process with some training -- I think training would give them an added comfort level, which would ultimately increase our awareness and the number of prospects / leads we pick up (always better to talk with a confident, trustworthy person than one that seems out of their element.) 

Hiring KovachCommunications.com,LLC was the best investment ARINSO has made this year and I can guarantee this relationship will evolve over time. "

-- March 29, 2007 Jana Lauer International Proposal Manager Arinso


“Bill is my friend, and he's also the 'Go-To Guy' whenever you really need something done and done right. There's no one more qualified in his expertise and specialties than Bill Kovach. You're considering hiring Bill for your event, call me...

-- Jim Ziegler, CSP, HSG http://www.ZieglerDynamics.com (800) 726-0510” July 30, 2007


 “I have worked with Bill over the last few years, when we hired him to assist Fischer with designing, building, and supporting our new trade show booth. We were extremely pleased to have his in-depth tradeshow industry knowledge available to us, and were completely satisfied with the end result. Our new tradeshow booth met all our expectations with regard to design, cost and schedule. I would gladly work with Bill again” 

-- August 23, 2007 Eric Fage President/CEO of Fischer Connectors, Inc.

“Bill is a true professional, honest and straightforward in his approach to work and business Deadlines were met, and the quality of his work has been superb. Bill's knowledge and his work would certainly be an asset to any group which he associates and works with. I would recommend Bill without reservations.”

-- August 15, 2007 Randall E Smith COO RES Marketing Group


 “Bill was very generous in providing excellent creative input regarding a trade show I was involved in. He was professional, timely, and very supportive of the endeavor. I would hire him for future trade show opportunities. Bill knows his stuff and shares his expertise and talent!”

-- August 27, 2007 Melissa Galt - President, Melissa Galt, Inc

We LOVE what we do!  We’re passionate about sharing our knowledge with you, the Exhibiting Company so that you have a Great Program and a Great Event! Contact Bill Kovach and the Team at Kovach Communications, LLC.

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