Kovach Communications, LLC excels in bringing you the most current tips, tricks and secrets in building your Successful Trade Show Marketing Strategy.

However, we are not presumptuous enough to tell you what will work for you without knowing what you’re doing now.  BUT,
here’s a secret– Our COMMON SENSE SUCCESS system is proven – It works!

You can build up to 10 times the return you are getting now and yet, the majority of companies that participate in Trade Show Marketing enter the arena with blinders on.

Why? Two reasons – Lack of Knowledge about the Trade Show Industry and its intricacies and reliance on “what we’ve been doing for years” [laziness] – That’s it!  One of these two reasons is holding you back from increasing your ability to be successful beyond your wildest dreams . . . and with very little work.

Bill and Kovach Communications, LLC is in the marketplace to help you with – both.

In order to accomplish this, we require a discovery meeting to cover your current strategy, your objectives and your expectations.

Once this is scheduled, our Team of Trade Show Marketing and Design professionals will analyze the information and schedule a second meeting to present areas of strength and areas that need additional support.

The final step in the process is to present complete line-item Testimonials, so that you can elect either the entire program or those portions that support your desires.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to make the decision to increase your ability to perform successfully. Start by contacting Bill Kovach and the Team at Kovach Communications, LLC.

Common Sense Success

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Proud Member of:

Bridging the gap between Marketing and Sales – Three vital communication keys that can guarantee a successful “Team” approach - providing a cohesive, focused strategy that compliments both vital areas. 

Market Identification and Penetration – What shows are best for you?  Vertical?  Horizontal?  What’s the best approach for results?  The vital 5 “W” rule that will make your life easier.

Strategy – Pre-Event, During-Event and Post-Event strategies that will guarantee success.

Bill and Kovach Communications, LLC bring you the “latest and greatest” so that your work is easier, more effective and more profitable.

Presentations In either full or half day presentations, your Marketing and Sales personnel will receive tremendous knowledge on what works and what doesn’t work in the Trade Show Arena –

We cover the following areas in Marketing Strategy and Property Design, Execution and Management:


Marketing Strategy -
Knowing what strategies will work for your Sales/Marketing Team

  • Defining the Market, the buyers AND their degrees of immediacy
  • Getting them to your exhibit space to listen
  • Coaching and Mentoring your Personnel and Site Staff
  • Post-event follow up and fulfillment
  • Lead Management and data massaging

Property Design, Execution and Management –

  • Cost effective design tricks
  • Visibility - Graphics, Messaging and Branding -
  • Buy, Lease or Rent – what option is best for you?
  • Dealing with Associations, Show Contractors and Independents
  • Site Services – Effective Shipping, Drayage, Site Labor

TradeShows 101 – Common Sense overview of what the business is all about and what it takes to build a Success Strategy – A unique look at the “WHY” and “HOW” to successful shows

Building the Sales/Marketing Bridge – Why most sales managers toss trade show leads and why most Mar/Com Managers buy AntAcids by the gallon.

Lead Farming – Identify your target – how to get them interested, there, and buying – Why you should NOT take a ton of literature to the show.

Think like an Exhibitor – Look at your prospects with new eyes and really discover why they’re at the show – Identify the “Buyers & Flyers” from the “Talkers & Gawkers”.

Communications Skills – Engaging, discovery and dis-engaging –Experience why “Elevator Speeches” only work in elevators and which three simple questions can make or break your Show–

TradeShows 202 – Common Sense review of Strategy – what Secrets successful companies use to build their audiences, client retention and lead conversion techniques.

Staff Mentoring and Coaching – Sometimes, your best salesperson is the worst person to send to an event.  Do you know why and what to look for?


"The number one thing I like best about working with KovachCommunications.com, LLC is the obvious branding and messaging awareness we have received. . . it was also a huge time and stress saver to know that when exhibit doors opened on the first day all we had to do was show up -- it allowed us to spend valuable time with clients and prospects versus dismantling an exhibit... "

-- March 29, 2007 Jana Lauer International Proposal Manager Arinso

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