Bill Kovach and Kovach Communications, LLC are a team of industry experts with over 50 years of Trade Show Management experience and are here to help you achieve measurable results.

Under the leadership of Bill Kovach, one of the most in-demand speakers in the Trade Show Marketing industry, Kovach Communications, LLC provides speaking, mentoring, and marketing assistance to companies that commit to Trade Show Marketing. 

WHY?SimpleWe LOVE what we do!  We’re passionate about sharing our Trade Show Marketing knowledge with you, the Exhibiting Company, so that you have a Great Program and a Profitable Event!

When you are involved in an issue, you may lose perspective and need help.  Bill and Kovach Communications will help you perfect the vision you need to excel. You will learn how to look with "new eyes" so that whole new vistas open up. You will be able to see clearly to the core of the issues facing you.  

Our unique and insightful COMMON SENSE, Insider "HOW TO" tactics will improve your odds for success and positive results. Like our other clients, you will enjoy having your own Team of Trade Show Marketing Experts help you digest all of the trade show marketing elements and new industry technologies.  

Bill and the team of Kovach Communications, LLC will provide you with proven, strategic
“Industry Insider” tricks and secrets,
which will increase your revenue and lower your Trade Show costs. Our clients save an average of 20% in direct Trade Show costs by using the knowledge, experience, strategies and value we provide.

Your company can also benefit from our Common Sense Success Formula and Trade Show Marketing Expertise, contact Bill Kovach and the Team at Kovach Communications, LLC.


“Bill is my friend, and he's also the 'Go-To Guy' whenever you really need something done and done right. There's no one more qualified in his expertise and specialties than Bill Kovach. You're considering hiring Bill for your event, call me...

-- Jim Ziegler, CSP, HSG (800) 726-0510” July 30, 2007

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Bill and Kovach Communications, LLC provides Strategic Marketing, Management and Presentation Initiatives, delivering the results you expect. With a collective history spanning over 50 industry years, we bring unique “Industry Insider” experience to the areas of Strategic Trade Show Marketing Initiatives, Trade Show Design and Management and offer exceptional Coaching/Mentoring programs.

We specialize in the coordination, management, and execution of the following areas:


• Market Identification and Show Selection

•  Profiling Attendees & List Acquisition

• Establishing Show Objectives for Marketing and Sales

• Developing the Metrics to Measure ROO

• Establishing Marketing and Sales Expectations

• Developing the Metrics to Measure ROE

• Defining Messaging and Branding

• Establishing Budget and Options to Maximize ROO and ROE

• 3-Dimensional Marketing Design

• Selection and Training of Site Personnel

• Defining Lead Management Programs to Quantify Results

• Long Range Lead Follow-Up Program including POD Secondary Contact,   

• Post Show Recaps, Analysis against Established Metrics, and Process Template Modifications

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